Iris Cahill Casiano, PhD

Licensed Psychologist, Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists, No. 38704

Licensed psychologist providing teletherapy in Texas.

Dr. Casiano is a licensed psychologist providing teletherapy in Texas, and she is the co-owner of Brava Vita Counseling. She works with clients across the state, including the San Antonio, Austin, and Houston areas. She believes in the healing power of creativity and connection.


Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, University of Texas at Austin

M.A., Educational Psychology – Counseling, University of Texas at Austin

M.A., History of Art and Architecture, Boston University

B.F.A., Fine Art, University of Texas at San Antonio

B.A., Art History and Criticism, University of Texas at San Antonio

Areas of Clinical Specialty

Populations served: Adults (18+).

Clinical Specialties: Anxiety and anxiety-related disorders; OCD; Health Psychology (including treatments for insomnia, chronic pain, and adjustment to medical conditions); healthy relationships, art in therapy, and bilingual Spanish language services.

Iris Cahill Casiano, PhD, Psychologist providing teletherapy in Texas

How I can help

As your counselor, I collaborate with you to gain a deeper understanding of your personal values and goals. At the same time, we work on building positive coping skills and management techniques. Together, we discover ways for you to manage anxiety and uncertainty, navigate life transitions, curb self-doubt, reduce stress, and embrace healthier relationships and ways of living. 

I view counseling as a balance of art and science. Because of this, I’ll often combine research-informed, cognitive-behavioral techniques with art and other creative tools to help you make positive changes in your daily life.  My goal is to support your personal growth by collaborating on a counseling plan that’s tailored to your needs. Lastly, my process is about empowering you to make positive changes based on your values and goals. I also recognize the importance of your mind-body-spirit connection: your physical, mental and emotional health are interconnected.

Whatever challenging experiences, hardship or pain has led you here today, it takes courage to make lasting, positive change.  Embracing the cultural humility mindset, I see you as the expert of your own lived experiences and am committed to helping you take steps towards living life to its fullest.  It’s an honor to be a part of your personal journey as you discover ways to cope, grow and flourish!

Why Teletherapy?

Teletherapy has opened doors for many clients. You can now receive convenient, confidential, and high quality care at the times and in the spaces that work best for you. It doesn’t matter if you and your therapist are in different cities. As long as your therapist is licensed in the state where you’re located, and you have a private, quiet space with access to internet or a phone, you can connect with a counselor you trust and enjoy working with.

Because of the wonderful accessibility this provides to my clients, I am committed to being a licensed psychologist providing teletherapy in Texas.

I am an avid believer in the healing power of creativity and connection: when we are grounded in our personal values, our self-care, our culture, and our relationships, positive change is possible. I actively engage in my own creative practice as a form of self-care, including drawing, painting, and music. And I find personal restoration in spending time with loved ones—mi familia.

Iris Cahill Casiano, PhD

Iris Cahill Casiano, PhD

About Me

My life journey has consisted of many wonderful experiences that helped shape my professional and personal identity. My love of drawing, painting, and human creativity prompted me to pursue a career in art and museum education, and I quickly discovered the true spark of my passion: connecting with others and sharing in their stories. The potential for healing and personal growth through this connection led me to complete my PhD in Counseling Psychology, and I can’t imagine another more fulfilling, creative career!

My training

My clinical training heavily focused on behavioral health and health psychology, where I gained experience in evidence-based practices for supporting clients with varied mental and physical health concerns. I’ve trained at various settings, including a pediatric/women’s health HRSA Federally Qualified Health Center, and I completed the competitive Integrative Behavioral Health Scholars program in 2017-2018 at the University of Texas. This was followed by a pre-doctoral externship in Primary Care at the Central Texas VA Austin Outpatient Clinic. I deeply resonated with this collaborative, holistic approach to care that sees the “whole” patient. Mental health is recognized as an integral part of a person’s overall wellness. 

My practice today

With this unique background, I now draw on both arts-based healing tools and research-informed practices to support clients on their journey towards wellbeing and personal growth. Also, as a woman of mixed ethnicity, I deeply value and appreciate diversity for the richness it brings to our communities. Cultural sensitivity is a cornerstone of justice and ethical practice in therapy, and I view diversity as the reflection of our dynamic dimensions of being. In my clinical practice, I embrace the cultural humility mindset, where individuals are the experts of their own lived experience, and I approach each person in a genuine, humble spirit of openness.



Brief article for PsychCentral, published April 2020.


SARC went on Facebook Live for Mental Health Awareness Month, May 2021, to discuss the topic Examining Mental Health Post-Trauma“.

Panelists for this community discussion included Bianca Nwokem, Dr. Iris Cahill Casiano, and Candice Taber.